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At the International cultural and educational centres which are opened at the National Mining University you can acquire and deep your knowledge in foreign languages, cultures of different countries, gain internships and study abroad. A distinctive feature of all the centres is involving 'native speakers' teachers in the educational process.

  • Language Training Centre  - English courses for all levels of users (from elementary to experienced), preparation for international English exams (TOEFL, IELTS), participation in Theatre English drama, parties and Voices in foreign language. The Language Training Centre plays a key role in providing guidance and practical assistance to students wishing to study abroad. Centre works in cooperation with International organizations: the British Council in Ukraine, Ukrainian department of the International Association of English Teachers as a Foreign Language (IATEFL), Ukrainian department of the international organization of English teachers as a second Language (TESOL).
  • The Ukrainian-American linguistic centre was created with the support of Pittser College (USA, California, Claremont). It’s is language training university students (American version), organization of summer language training in colleges and universities in the United States. After completing a full course of study (24 months) students receive a certificate of translator, verified by the relevant U.S. institutions.
  • Ukrainian-German cultural centre нтр - the first officially accredited regional partner Goethe Institute, which works according to the German educational and cultural programs. It closely works with the German Embassy in Ukraine, the Goethe Institute, German service of exchange of students and academic researchers (DAAD), Robert Bosch Foundation and other organizations. The main objectives of the Centre - the organization of the German language in accordance with European standards of training, preparation for participation in international scientific and educational projects, training in Germany. The Centre is taking exams the Goethe Institute to obtain international qualifications (Certificate "German youth" Certificate "German for the profession," B2Goethe-Zertifikat, etc.).
  • Ukrainian-Spanish-Latin American Centre - teaching Spanish, familiarity with the history and literature of Spanish-speaking countries. Centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute as a centre admission exams actually (Spanish foreign) in accordance with European standards in six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Subject to passing the exam are issued diplomas international pattern levels B2 and C. Those who have the diploma in employment are not obstacles. Centre collaborates with the Academy Berseo, Instituto Ispanskoy language has business contacts with the Embassy of Spain and the Republic of Argentina. In the centre you can get information about scholarships (in education and science) that offers the Embassy of Spain and Hispanic countries.
  • The Ukrainian-Polish cooperation centre - an organization that is rapidly developing within the intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Poland. The main directions of the centre: the study of Polish in obtaining the qualification certificate policy knowledge of Polish language (B1, B2, C2), the organization of linguistic training document. The Centre conducted the Polish language courses with the issuance of the certificate: Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy. Stanislaus Stashytsya and the National Mining University. There is a summer school for students in the Graduate School of Banking (Wroclaw) and double diploma program.
  • Ukrainian-Japanese centre - courses of study of Japanese language, organization of courses and workshops to study ikebana, Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony and other ancient arts.
    To read more about the Centrer of The National Mining University you can here.

    Students have the opportunity to attend the International training "Environmental and Resource Management" at the Brandenburg University of Technology (Cottbus, Germany) while training at the National Mining University for individual plans and get two diplomas.

    The annual International Summer School (in English) led by Professor M. Shmidta (Cottbus, Germany).


    Marketers successfully present their projects at the International Summer School.

    September, 2010.

    During the training you will be able to participate in many joint international programs such as TEMPUS «ECOMMIS», Project Leader, Summer Schools in Germany, Poland, Business week in Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, and in the Crimea – the International School Leadership "Argo".

    And finally, of course, the students of the Department may become members of the Marketers Club of our university.

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