Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
1993CreationoftheInstituteofEconomicsof the National Mining University

08/02/1994 foundation of the Department of Economic Analysis and Finance.

1994 On the basis of group of34students in economics thefirst specialized group in Finance and Creditwas established.NationalMiningUniversitygets the license for preparation of the specialists in “Finance and Credit” and Accounting and Auditing.

1998 Conducting the First International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems and Prospects for innovative development of the economy ofUkraine. Further this conference has become an Annual.Main subjects for discussion:

- economic problems of innovative development of business and industry;

- environmental economics and environmental issues;

- prospects for an effective functioning financial mechanism of innovation development,

- accounting and auditing,

- innovative management,

- marketing approaches to creation of competitive potential,

- modeling and management of innovative development of economy,

- role of business education in the innovative development of the regional economy,

- innovative approaches to teaching foreign languages​​for professional communication

2000-2001 separation from the Department of Economic Analysis and Finance of the Department of Accounting and Auditing

2003 Cooperation withHighBankingSchoolinWroclaw(Poland).

Main directions:

- Participation in International Conference Finance of Local Communities

- Lecturing inHighBankingSchoolinWroclaw

- Conducting the Joint Conference UnitedEurope

- Joint publications in the domestic and international Journals

2003 First issue of the Scientific-Theoretical and Informational-Practical Magazine the Economic Messenger of the National Mining University Chief-Editor prof. Galushko Olga.

2006 on the basis ofInstituteofEconomicsof theNationalMiningUniversityandInstituteofIndustrial Economicsof the National Academy of Science the Scientific-Educational Institute of the Economic Development was created.

Main directions:

- Joint publications in the domestic and international Journals

- Reviewing the scientific papers

- reviewing the Graduation papers and Thesis

- participation in Qualification exams.

2007 Creation of the Post-graduate program in specialty Money, Finance and Credit.

2007 Cooperation with the leading universities ofUkraine:

- theNationalUniversityLvivs’ka Politechnika



- Kharkiv National Economic University

Main directions:

- Participation in Joint Conferences

- Participation of the students in professional competitions, Olympiads, etc.

- Joint scientific and educational projects.

2009 TheNationalMiningUniversityhas received the status of the R&D Institute and intensive development of R&D projects, conducted by the staff of the Department.

2011- Cooperation withOdessaNational Economic University

Most significant publications:

1999 Corporate Finance. Manual (Chief Editor: Prof. Olga Galushko; authors: prof. Didyk L.M., Associate Prof. Shtefan N.M., Krylova O.V., Yermoshkina O.V. Semenikhina O.I. etc.)

2002 Market of Financial Services. Manual (Author Associate prof. Dereza V.M.)

2003 Economic Analysis. Manual (Author prof. Solyanyk L.G.)

2005 Insurance. Manual (Author Associate Prof. Tsurkan I.M.)

2009 Current assets of the industrial enterprise: optimization of management. Monograph (Author prof. Solyanyk L.G.) Best Scientific Publication of the NMU

2009 Managing the Financial Flows of Industrial Enterprises: theory, practice and prospects (Author prof. Yermoshkina O.V.).

2010 Managing tax burden on the basis of efficient use of productive resources (Author Associate prof. Tsurkan I.M.).

2010 Diversifying the Production and Capital of theEnterprise(Author Associate prof. Dereza V.M.)

Research Schools:

-Creation of a mechanism for effective financial management at the regional and industrial level Leading Professor Galushko Olga

-Effective Financial Management of the regions and business entities Leading Professor Olena Yermoshkina

Currently head of the Chair Doctor of Science. prof. Yermoshkin O. emerging scientific school of effective management of financial flows within regions and business entities participating in the process financial institutions.

Department of Economic Analysis and Finance is in constant development and increases the scientific orientation of the educational process.

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