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ЄрмошкінаHead of Department: Doctor of Economics, Professor Yermoshkina Olena.

Specialty 6.030508 «Finance and Credit»

Degree level: bachelor, specialist, master.

Form of study: full-time, part-time (at the secondary and higher education), external

Financier receives knowledge and practical skills to work successfully in the financial departments of companies, banks, insurance companies, investment companies and funds, ensuring efficient use of financial resources of enterprises.

A specialist in the specialty "Finance and Credit" has the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in financial management of enterprises of all patterns of ownership in any industries, can estimate the value of the enterprise, determine advisability of implementation of the investment project, manage assets and capital (equity and debt), securities portfolio, create the replenishment strategy and effective use of financial resources of enterprises and financial institutions, provide consulting services in financial management.

Students in Finance and Credit studying professionally oriented disciplines such as:

• Money and credit;

• Finance;

• Corporate Finance;

• Insurance;

• Investing;

• Accounting;

• Financial Management;

• Banking;

• Tax system;

• Market of Financial Services;

• Economic Analysis;

• Financial analysis;

• Information systems for financial institutions;

• The budget system;

• Local Finance;

• Insurance services;

• Cost management;

• Business – Planning;

• Central Bank and Monetary Policy;

• International Finance;

• Analysis of global and national economy.

All lecturers of the Department of Economic Analysis and Finance use modern teaching methods, computer technology and information systems in their teaching. They have a high level of skill and experience in this field.

Higher financial education involves the development of methods for financial decisions making based on optimization methods using computer technology. 

Specialists prepared by the Department are highly evaluated on the domestic and international enterprises, banks and tax agency in Ukraine as well as abroad.

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